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Software & tools

WISERBUGS - Uncertainty simulation software

The WISERBUGS software program has been written to provide a general means of using simulations to assess uncertainty in estimates of ecological status class for water bodies based on either single metrics or a combination of metrics, multi-metric indices (MMIs) and multi- metric rules. The User provides prior estimates of the relevant sampling uncertainty for each metric and metric value to be involved in the water body assessments, together with metric status class limits and the rules for combining metrics into an overall water body assessment.

WISERBUGS can also be used just to test the effect of new status class limits and multi-metric rules on site/waterbody status assessments, without any uncertainty assessment (by setting all uncertainty components to zero).

Although initially designed for use with river macroinvertebrate data and metrics, program WISERBUGS is designed to be as generic as possible, so that it can be used with a wide range of metrics derived from field site sampling and survey data for any single or combination of biological quality elements (BQEs, namely phytoplankton, aquatic flora, macroinvertebrates and/or fish) and any type of water body (rivers, lakes, transitional or coastal waters).

setup preview

arrow download Download WISERBUGS setup (4.5 mb, zip/exe, please read included "readme.txt")

deliverable preview

arrow download Download D6.1-3 (580 kb, pdf, manual, included in the setup package)


LakeLoadResponce (LLR) - Webbased tool for planning of river basin management

lake load responce tool

At present, this software is restricted to estimations of total nitrogen target nutrient loads (TN) based on Finish lake datasets. Further updates including other nutrient parameters are under construction. With this tool you can get estimates of the amount of loading reduction needed to achieve good water quality in a lake.

LakeLoadResponce tool (LLR)

Taxa Entry Tool (TET) & Taxa Validation Tool (TVT)

TET webiste preview

The TET was developed to create standardised taxalists according to the taxonomy. It is available for fish, macro-invertebrates, macrophytes, diatoms and phytoplankton.

Taxa Entry Tool (TET)

TVT website preview

The TVT was developed for linking and comparing your own species list with the taxonomic backbone of It is available for fish, macro-invertebrates, macrophytes and diatoms. This tool can also be used to upload a species list, link it with the ecological parameters of interest and download the dataset again. This export function also includes the export of all references used.

Taxa Validation Tool (TVT)

European Aquatic Plants Taxonomic Database

Aquaplant database

European Aquatic Plants Taxa List
The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) is hosting an interactive list of aquatic plants and associated organisms found in European freshwaters.

This list is meant for researchers into ecology of macrophytes (plants and other large photosynthetic organisms) in lakes and rivers across Europe. It enables researchers from different countries and regions to express their data in a common form and therefore enable compilation and comparison across the EU.

Aquatic plants taxonomic database

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