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– Basque coast (Spain) –

Site name: Basque coast Country: Spain GIG Region: NEA
GIG Type: CW Site code: ---- Altitude(m a.s.l.): ----
Area (km²): ---- Mean depth (m): ---- Mixing regime: ----
Alkalinity (m eq/l): ---- Retention time (yr): ---- Chlorophyll a (µg/l): ----
Total phosphorus (µg/l): ---- Eutrophication status: medium Hydromorphological status: low


The case study in the Basque Country (Bay of Biscay, northern Spain), is the Mompás-Pasaia water body. This is an exposed, euhaline, shallow (<100 m water depth) coastal water body type. Since 1976 it has been affected by anthropogenic impacts, especially urban and industrial wastewater discharges. However, in recent times, a water treatment programme has been completed, including three phases:

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