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WISER metadatabase (workpackage 2.1)

Generally the WISER metadatabase provides information on the content, availability and accessibility of databases from previous EU projects and monitoring activities, as well as new data from the WISER field exercises. The information was provided by the data owners through an online questionnaire and further treated within workpackage 2.1.

If you have any questions concerning the information presented here (including technical issues) please contact Astrid Schmidt-Kloiber. For the content of the metadatabase entries please contact the persons or institutes mentioned in the section „Technical info“.

When using the data, please acknowledge our work as follows:

Schmidt-Kloiber A., Vogl R., Moe J. & Strackbein J. 2010. WISER metadatabase. Version: November 2010. Available at

After the end of the WISER project the metadatabase is further developed and maintained by other EU funded projects, more and other datasources could be found in the
Freshwater Biodiversity Data Portal (member of the Freshwater Information Platform)

How to query the metadatabase

Define your query options, starting with the water category and then choose from the other query parameters by clicking on the orange triangle symbol (orange triangle) and selecting the feature of interest.

The column "IPR" indicates the Intellectual Property Rights of the dataset with a colour code. The column "CDB" indicates whether the dataset is available from the WISER Central Database. The colour codes are explained above the result table. In the column "export" you can select/deselect datasets for download, then click "Start export" below the table. (Note: the export functionality is still under construction).

As query results you will find a summary of the selected query parameters, the number of available sites, other available information and a list of the appropriate databases, from where you can directly link to the according metadatabase entry. The IPR column indicates the Intellectual Property Rights of the database with a traffic light system. Note: this is currently still under construction (i.e. only green lights available).

The results will be updated as soon as you change your selection.

To view all details of a database, just click on the database name in the result list, then a second window will open.

To get an overview of the intellectual property rights (IPR) of the available databases, we have compiled a table, which can be downloaded here.

Download IPR overview table (xls, 20kb)

Query options

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