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– Temse (Norway) –

Lake name: Temse Country: Norway GIG Region: N
GIG Type: LN2a Lake code: 019-10951-L Altitude(m a.s.l.): 15
Area (km2): 0.6 Mean depth (m): 5 Mixing regime: Stratified
Alkalinity (m eq/l): 0.2 Retention time (yr): 0.6 Chlorophyll a (µg/l): 18
Total phosphorus (µg/l): 16 Eutrophication status: 3 - Medium Hydromorphological status: 1 - Low


Temse is situated close to the coastline, 15 m above sea level, in the southern part of Norway. The lake has a surface area of 0.6 km2, and is fairly shallow with a maximum depth of 10 m and a mean depth of 5 m. The catchment area comprises agricultural land and forest, and the lake is mesotrophic to eutrophic with a significant proportion of cyanobacteria. The lake has a recreational value for the local population, mostly ornithologists and for fishing. Dense helophyte vegetation dominates littoral, most Phragmites australis and to a lesser extends Schoenoplectus lacustris. The macrophytes in the lake are dominated by Fontinalis, Nymphea alba, Potamogeton perfoliatus and P. obtusifolius.

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