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– Saadjärv (Estland) –

Lake name: Saadjärv Country: Estland GIG Region: CB
GIG Type: LCB1 Lake code: ---- Altitude(m a.s.l.): 85
Area (km²): 7.08 Mean depth (m): 8 Mixing regime: Stratified
Alkalinity (m eq/l): 2.62 Retention time (yr): 7.7 Chlorophyll a (µg/l): 2.7
Total phosphorus (µg/l): 19 Eutrophication status: 1 - Low Hydromorphological status: 1 - Low


Lake Saadjärv is located between drumlins in the Vooremaa Nature Reserve in central Estonia. During a very long period the ecological status of the lake remained closed to reference conditions on the basis of paleolimnological data. Some signs of eutrophication have been noticed during the last two decades. Data about Saadjärv have been published since 1929, among them a monograph on 1991 (Riikoja, H. Der See Saadjärv. Physiographie, Thermik, Sauerstoffverhältnisse - Hydrobiologische Untersuchungen XVIII, Tartu, 192). Phytoplankton, macrophytes, fishes and littoral macroinvertebrates will be sampled within WISER.

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