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– Las Vencías (Spain) –

Lake name: Las Vencías Country: Spain GIG Region: Med
GIG Type: LM8 Lake code: SP2040 Altitude(m a.s.l.): 869
Area (km²): 0.71 Mean depth (m): 12.6 Mixing regime: Stratified
Alkalinity (m eq/l): 3 Retention time (yr): ---- Chlorophyll a (µg/l): 9.8
Total phosphorus (µg/l): 55 Eutrophication status: 2 - Medium Hydromorphological status: 3 - High AWB


This reservoir was built in 1962 in a deep canyon of the Durata river. It is located at 869 m a.s.l on limestone. It is part of the river Duero large catchment. The closest city is Segovia. It has a maximum volume of 9x106 m3. The catchment is covered in a 60% by conifer forests and the rest are fields for rain-fed agriculture. It was built for energy production and is quite popular for fishing and general recreation.

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