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– Fiolen (Sweden) –

Lake name: Fiolen Country: Sweden GIG Region: N
GIG Type: LN2a Lake code: SE633025-142267 Altitude(m a.s.l.): 226
Area (km²): 1.7 Mean depth (m): 3.8 Mixing regime: not mixed
Alkalinity (m eq/l): 0.09 Retention time (yr): ---- Chlorophyll a (µg/l): 6
Total phosphorus (µg/l): 13 Eutrophication status: 2-Medium Hydromorphological status: 1-Low


Lake Fiolen is situated in the River Mörrum catchment in southern Sweden and the lake is a Natura 2000 designated area. This is because the lake is a relatively typical nutrient poor lake surrounded by coniferous forests, agricultural land and mires. The oxygen situation is often good even in the deeper parts of the lake. The Total P content of the lake is usually between 10-20 µg/l.

The biomass of fish is high in the lake, the lake is species poor but contains Lake Whitefish (Coregonus sp.). The lake is included in the national trend lake monitoring program and was sampled for physico-chemical variables, phytonplankton, chlorophyll, macrophytes, benthic macroinvertebrates, and fish in 2009.

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